21 Ways To Help 20-Somethings Survive Studying Abroad

13. Smoke another cigarette again even though you swore it off.

Taylor Yocom is a junior art student. When she's not thinking of lists or taking photographs, she's trying to chase a ...

A Synaptic Future

Just like a neural network, a single connection yields an overwhelming amount of follow up paths. It’s the neural connections to which you devote time and energy that become strong, and ultimately define how you behave.

Allie is a senior at Harvard University completing her degree in Human Evolutionary Biology and Mind, Brain, ...

10 Important Rules For Men Using Emoticons

Live human contact is slowly becoming a thing of the past. It’s gotten to the point where when someone calls me (instead of sending me a text), I think something is terribly wrong and I get nervous.

Sports Give Cities Heart. Sports Give Cities Life. Sports Give Cities Hope.

New Orleans, the city that many thought would drown in 2005 is now hurrying towards the finish line with a powerful breaststroke. Because we didn’t listen when others told us not to lose hope.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 5.18.10 PMStephanie Karina is Canadian, but she lives in Atlanta. Leave her comments or Tweet her at @fangs17.

A Government Worker’s Post-Shutdown Perspective: It’s Not Getting Better

I don’t expect the average American to know these things. I didn’t know them before I went to work for the government.

Mikki Kendall aka Karnythia is a writer, social critic, and occasional feminist. Co-founder of Hood Feminism, she can ...
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