Death, Life, And Worry

Death is painful. But so is life.

New profile picKovie is writing, studying, teaching, and living in the Windy City. Tweet her anything at @koviebiakolo.

Why Read And Write Anything Like A Love Letter

When I felt loneliness after graduating college, I was inspired to utilize the power of a love letter.

Sandeep Gourkanti is a Syracuse University graduate, research assistant, and writer who lives in Philadelphia, PA. He ...

How To Find And Keep A Sugar Daddy

I have a close friend who in one week went from being a homeless couch-surfing fitness instructor to living in a fabulous apartment near the beach and driving a Porsche while decked out in the latest Valentino.

adrien portrait_123Adrien Field is a fashion designer living between New Delhi and Los Angeles with occasional stop-throughs in New York ...

Love In The Age Of The Pickup Artist

I first turned to the pickup artists after losing in love. Or, to be precise, winning—and then losing.

10 Life-Changing Things I Have Planned For My Next Birthday

My 27th birthday is fast approaching and, unlike previous years, this impending age is making me feel as if I was just given a debilitating chokeslam.

My name is Erica Natalia and third person is not my thing. I work in consumer healthcare PR, live in midtown NYC and ...
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