53 Badass Quotes That Will Get You Going Again

7. The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

My Wife And I Were Terrorized By An Axe Murderer (Probably)

My alarm bells starting going crazy. I can’t stress enough how unlikely it would have been for someone other than us to be headed down this particular road, especially at this time of night.

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Paranoid New Age Internet Syndrome

It’s a possibility, that I’m just chemically unbalanced in the head, or whatever. Because I can’t shake the feeling that after I die I will be at peace finally, happy and free,

karacrabbOne time I gargled my own urine to see if the ammonia would whiten my teeth (it didn't) but now I'm going back to ...

How To Blow Like A Pro: 10 Don’ts Of Giving Blowjobs


Phoenix Askani is a writer and adult-performer living in Los Angeles, CA. She likes peanut butter, sunsets, and ...

5 Things Women Do That Drive Men Crazy

“Almost ready” doesn’t mean “ready in a half hour.” It means “we will be walking out the door in the next five minutes.”

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