What A Girl Wants You To Think (In Case You Were Wondering About The Infrastructure Of The Female Mind)

A girl wants what she wants when she wants it.

IMG_0770Raised in a log cabin, living in Utah but mainly in the moment. Brutally candid themed writing about observations and ...

How To Day-Drink Like A Pro (When You Get Older)

I’m guessing you were expecting something like pace yourself, but let’s be real. There’s no coming back from a good day bender, so you might as well embrace it.


A Cat A Day — October 28th

Today’s cat: adorable, yet deadly. Be afraid. Be very mildly afraid.

Oliver is a vague personage, of no fixed residence -- sort of a wandering poet-warrior who makes his own rules, if ...

The Celebrity Sex-Tape Drinking Game

*Any player who says “That’s hot” while watching One Night In Paris must immediately consume three shots and then promptly go sit in a fucking corner.

_MG_0131-EditShawn Binder is a writer for Thought Catalog. His e-book all about the shocking times he's made a fool out of himself ...

100 Dealbreakers (If I Were A Woman)

12. If he identifies as a member of an art collective

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