The Worst Part Of Growing Up

I met Katie when I was just three years old. We both moved into the same neighborhood, right next door to one another, and instantly we became best friends.

Justin's a freelance writer, a television producer, and found God in rap music.

15 Things About Life After College

My life since college graduation has been the most wonderfully uncertain, bumbling, transitional, fun, flailing, cacophony of experiences and existence.

Living and laughing in New York. Lover of basketball, writing, and all things avocado.

5 Compliments You Shouldn’t Give To Someone Who Lost Weight

People will start introducing you to strangers as ‘and he’s lost a ton of weight,’ as if dropping 60 lbs is worthy of a Nobel Prize.

Aspiring Novelist and writing dilettante.

How To Grow Up Without Losing Who You Are

As I get older, many people have confessed to me that they feel a certain anxiety about what it means to mature.

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How Can I Possibly Deal With My Best Friend Dying?

Maybe if he could comprehend my goodbyes I could get to a point where I could stop saying them.

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