Why Are Gay Men So Afraid Of Themselves?

We compartmentalize ourselves into groups — masc., fem, top, bottom, verse, twink, bears, otters because it’s no longer enough for us to be human and homosexual.

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‘The Power Of Photoshop’ Shows How Frighteningly Warped Society’s Beauty Expectations Truly Are

This remarkable 37 second video shows just how much a model’s appearance can be stretched, molded, and beautified through the use of photoshop. By the end, she’s virtually a different person.

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I Am A Woman And There Is So Much More To Me Than My Sexuality

The first time I had sex, I was sixteen. Rushing between ominous finals I hopped on top of my overweight boyfriend with the intent of simply “getting it over with”.

Danielle is a twentysomething born and raised in Eagle River, Alaska, currently residing in Seattle, Washington. She ...

VICTORY! FAA Approves Use Of Electronic Devices During ALL Phases Of Flight

In a landmark victory for angry, drunken celebrities everywhere, the FAA has approved the use of iPhones, laptops, and “game boys” from the boarding process to landing.

28 Things Gay Guys Do On Grindr

You have ALL done at least one of these things! I know.

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