20 Things I’ve Learned In My 20 Years Of Life

3. You can learn a lot from little kids.

Molly is a twenty-something college student, blogger, and big dreamer. She runs some, drinks too much Starbucks, ...

The Problem With Average Not Being Good Enough

Average is not a dirty word. It’s a misunderstood word.

moiBrianna Wiest is a professional list-maker, unwarranted advice giver and admirer of all things beautiful, natural and ...

23 Weird But Understandable Questions You Ask in Your Twenties

5. Is there something wrong with me if I don’t “get” BuzzFeed?

10424_102662199749981_5383465_nMatt Saccaro has reached millions of readers with his articles on Salon, Thought Catalog, Medium, and BuzzFeed. He ...

The Power Of Positive Thinking

Well, now I’m in big trouble. I left my one nice coat on the train. I never even buy clothes for myself so Chase actually shut down my card for fraud when I bought the coat.

James AltucherJames Altucher has written nine published books and one comic book. He's created a web series for HBO and is working ...

9 Tremendous Trends That Would Be Great To Bring Back

Reports from a recent Las Vegas retail industry trade show suggest that there’s been enough Hawaiian shirt buzz to manufacture a new trend that doesn’t yet exist. This is how it’s done.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 2.55.58 PMLance Pauker (@LancePauker) likes flat-brim hats and hearing about other people's commutes. Read a collection of his ...
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