9 Trashy Women (Who Should Be Your Beauty Icons)

“I never go outside unless I look like Joan Crawford the movie star.”

Kara Nesvig is a Minneapolis-based writer & shopgirl with an affinity for red lipstick and country music. She grew up ...

Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

One minute you’re thinking how you are going to take a shower and the next you are in a Starbucks bathroom with a backpack wishing you remembered to bring a hairbrush.

EL_Caldwell_HeadshotChloe Caldwell is the author of the essay collection, “Legs Get Led Astray“ (Future Tense Books, April 2012) and the ...

5 Things Every 20-Year-Old Should Know About Making Friends 

Today, at the age of 25, I enjoy the social life I think everyone’s meant to have. If I want to check out a new restaurant or see that movie everyone’s talking about, my friends are just a text away. There’s always someone who’s up for something.

David Morin is a self-improvement junkie and writes for SocialPro, a blog on how to improve your social life.

It’s Time For Women To Grow Up And For Men To Back Off

A level-headed woman can be rare in our times, let’s change that.

Ageless, with unlimited opinions, numerous typos and lots of unsolicited advice.

Is My Vagina Bigger Than Yours?

I’m curious about vaginas. Not in a sexual way. In an anatomical way.

7a8dbd60cb2e03ca2058f1bea76236e1Kat George is a writer with a heart of gold. She's written a book about her vagina, Pink Bits, for Thought Catalog, ...
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