27 Groupies On Their Best Rock Star Sex Story

He texted me a little while later saying he was waiting for his flight at the airport and asked me to send him naked pics.

Sophie works for a politician and therefore cannot reveal her true identity. She assures you, however, that she is ...

10 Popular Myths About Bartenders

3. We’re all alcoholics.

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6 Helpful Tips For Interacting With Minnesotans

When inviting a Minnesotan over for dinner, it’s common practice for them to refuse twice, to test out whether you are “just being nice” or are genuinely interested in their company.

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17 Banal Things That Are Cause For Complete Rejoice In Adulthood

Furniture that doesn’t have to be assembled.

Falling Prey To Love Vs. Falling Out Of It

Love is for the subtle types. The ones who tend to surrender just for the bigger picture.

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