Marry A Man Who Doesn’t Read (And Has A Nice Watch)

Marry a man who doesn’t read literature. Or paint works of art or make music.

Heidi is a writer and strategist based in San Francisco, California. She maintains the modern woman’s story site, ...

I Never Eat The Last Chip

Semantics. We play with words. We make excuses and nothing changes.

B&W RicoThe name's Dallas and he's from Dallas. No, that's not a joke. His superpowers include running marathons, boxing, ...

A Guys Guide For Keeping A Long-Term Relationship

There are so many guides out there for the ladies for how to get a man, keep a man, ditch a man – it was about time for an article for the fellas.

My Ex-boyfriend And His New Fiancé

I broke up with my ex-boyfriend a few months ago and he got engaged this weekend.

newphotoNicole Puskas is a 25 year-old aspiring writer, amateur blogger and corporate law clerk from Vancouver, BC.

How To Be A Lady

A lady always has a smile on her face. She is smiling when she is with her dearest friends. She smiles at waiters and waitresses. She also smiles at the thief who is robbing her of her purse.

Virginia is a young Argentinian writer and college student (she studies English Literature and Translation). She ...
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