7 Rules For Getting Through A Break-Up In Your Twenties

You must approach a tough break-up with the mentality that you and your significant other are over with once and for all.

Hayley is a journalism student at Ole Miss. She's best described as a mixture between a Mississippi hippie and a ...

The Dilemma With Pantyhose, Sticky Boobs And Spanx

There are certain things that women wear that aren’t exactly sexy, but practical.

Don't be afraid to speak with love and candor.

10 Stupid Things That Really Piss Me Off

1. When people try to get on a train or elevator before I have a chance to step off.

Phoenix Askani is a writer and adult-performer living in Los Angeles, CA. She likes peanut butter, sunsets, and ...

You Guys, Joaquin Phoenix Is Dating The Hipster Runoff Project Girl?

That can’t be THE Allie Teilz?

xsssy2Thought Catalog producer, wrote a Kindle Single about philosophy (except for funner). Talk to me on Twitter and Tumblr.

Did I Lose All My Money Because Of My Offer?

On June 3, I released “Choose Yourself” and I put on the very first page an offer that has never been put in a book before.

James AltucherJames Altucher has written nine published books and one comic book. He's created a web series for HBO and is working ...
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