That Time A Five-Year-Old Called Me The F-Word

Recently a five-year-old dropped an F-bomb on me. We were hanging out while her mom was running errands. She curled up on my lap, drawing on a notepad and telling me she liked my manicure.

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23 Things You Should Be Doing In Order To Live A Happy Life

1. Avoid links with baiting headlines like this. They’re bullshit. And nobody knows this better than the pandering blogger who dreamed up the list in the first place.

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Is Upper Class Life, A Carefree Sexual Attitude And A 40k Shoe Habit Empowering?

My answer is no.

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“Thank You” For Your Service?

One thing that mystifies a lot of older military people is the fairly new trend of wishing military and former military people “Thank for your service”.

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 4.07.31 PMJay Roberts quit high school and was a grunt in the USMC back in the day. Then he got a degree in Physics and was an ...

Fifty Grams Of Whey

Fifty grams of protein per serving—you do so much for me, whey. You do too much for me.

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