9 Tips For 20-Somethings To Make Themselves Pleasant To Be Around

Don’t be judgmental.

I think anyone who has something to say should write.

How To Be Lana Del Rey

Shroud yourself fully in artistry. Aestheticize all your feelings. Realize that artifice has its own way of being authentic.

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24 Things I Learned By Age 24

Kindness is crucial. You never know someone’s full history, so offer up a nice gesture to everyone you encounter.

Katherine Culotta is an account manager and recent Miami University graduate living in Cleveland, Ohio. She enjoys ...

5 Things That Are Supposed To Be Romantic But Actually Aren’t At All

1. Kissing in the rain.

Katie Lewin is a freshly minted 20-something. She lives in Santa Cruz and likes mac n cheese (Kraft or nothing, baby) ...

Memories From 103 Dates

On our 11th date, our hands were intertwined under the table.

At times she's a Friday night's worth of fizzy harmless joy, other times a morose Tuesday afternoon. But most of the ...
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