My Parents Don’t Love Me

Dad took me by the arm and shoved me onto the floor. He started kicking me. He kicked, and kicked, and kicked. Each time I would try to get up he would push me back onto the ground. He kept repeating, “You know I can kick you, you’re not so old that you can’t be disciplined. I can kick you, I can kick you”.

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The 5 People That Make Me Upset At The World

1. People who claim they are physical trainers, when they obviously aren’t Sorry man, but please don’t tell me that you workout every day, that you are on a strict regiment and that you just got done with a total…

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The Definitive Guide To Dating A Dating Blogger

So you decided to go out with a dating blogger…

Kelly is just another PR pro living in Washington, D.C. She also moonlights as a yoga instructor. You can generally ...

8 Ways To Survive Your Crappy Day

Enjoy the fact that you’re miserable—most days you’re nice and pleasant and everything else but haven’t you ever wanted to just let loose every dark thought and curse the heavens?

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Senioritis In College Vs. “Senioritis” In Grad School


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