How To Be An Individual

From the day you’re born, people are going to try to slap labels on you. They want to put you in a box because it’s easier than dealing with who you actually are.

Picture 001Robbie Dillon was the original editor of Vice Magazine. He is currently working on his memoirs and a collection of ...

10 Community Center Classes To Take This Winter

From the beaches of Los Angeles to the bustling streets of New York City, everyone is talking about clay! Could clay sculpting be the hobby for you? Drop in and find out!

Gabrielle Moss has written for, The Hairpin, Nerve, Jezebel, Bitch Magazine, and other places. Her twitter is ...

10 Even Better Songs For When Your Heart Gets Broken

Sometimes you need a companion that’s just going to distract you; not to avoid feelings, but to remind you that there’s more out there than love.

Trevor Risk is a Vancouver-based freelance writer for publications such as Vice and the Huffington Post, editor ...

Recapping ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Week 7

Frat boys are so homoerotic sometimes I can’t stand it. Just spank each other, already. I won’t try to stop you!

_MG_0131-EditShawn Binder is a writer for Thought Catalog. His e-book all about the shocking times he's made a fool out of himself ...

Why Getting A “Real Job” Right After Graduation Is Not The Right Decision.

Growing up is not having someone dictating you, it’s standing up to the dictator and doing what truly makes you happy

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