Am I Sad Enough? An Inner Monologue From A Funeral

I’m sorry, Dad, I honestly didn’t think people were going to be sad at this thing since it was only Aunt May who died.

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10 Petty Problems That Are Just Blessings In Disguise

2. When I hold the door for someone but he or she totally just treats me like some sort of “door holder” and walks in without so much as a glance.

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The Top 5 Sitcoms Millennials Never Got To See (But Should)

Hopefully, this generation can connect with these shows and keep the laughter they have provided to previous generations alive.

The Anatomy Of A Good Attitude

Good attitude is not simply represented by flashy heroic deeds; most of the time good attitude is very subtle that we are not aware of practicing it.

Good food and even better dessert! After a hard day's work it is good to talk with friends, share your experiences, ...

The 8 ‘Don’ts’ Of Having An Opinion

If you bite into an apple expecting it to taste like an orange, you are going to be unhappy. This does not reflect the quality of the apple, it reflects your dumbass assumptions.

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