10 Types Of People I Will No Longer Date

5. Guys who correct my grammar as I’m speaking.

Rachel Miller is a law student living in D.C.

Take The Happiness Challenge

Happiness, if anything, is best when it remains a warm gun.

Bhamini is a hopeful and happy 21 year old, who dreams in kaleidoscopic vision.

Misogyny Is Alive In 2013: “Bad Bitches Only”

This is a wooden cage, out in plain view, in a dead, gravel lot behind a Sigma Pi fraternity house, looking exactly like the cages that are used to imprison the 11.4 million girls and women who have been victims of human trafficking in the United States. This disgusting little box even comes with a “bad bitches only” sign.

Santa Clara Bronco. Writer. Reader. Feminista. Foodie. & Conspiracy Theories.

Trusting With A Broken Heart

How does one stop blaming oneself for not being good enough? How does one love again, after her heart is scarred?

A woman of faith, pressing on towards the goal in winning the prize of an upward call in heaven.

8 Things I Wish I Knew About Dating Before My Twenties

Playing mind games won’t get you anywhere.

20-something, city girl living in a small country town, giving unconventional advice, and living with an open-mind.
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