By South Dakota Avenue I Sat Down And Wept

This is my last Monday night in my murky, beloved English basement apartment in Mt. Pleasant in DC— blue carpet, ill-considered Sun-Drenched Denim walls. Not that there is any magic about Monday.

She currently lives in DC and dreams of true love and a writing career under her own name.

Taking Things Personally

Yesterday someone asked me if I was pregnant based on a photo they saw of me. She asked if maybe she missed my Facebook announcement about it. Nope. There was no announcement. Nope. I am not pregnant.

Jennifer Pastiloff is a writer and retreat leader based in Los Angeles. She travels around the world leading her ...

Why You Should Leave Your Good Job, From A 30-Something Who Did It

Doing the right thing damaged my health and had me waste years of my life on jobs that no one will ever remember me doing.

Mikki Kendall aka Karnythia is a writer, social critic, and occasional feminist. Co-founder of Hood Feminism, she can ...

The Missing Ingredient: Online Dating Isn’t Sexy

There’s a reason why the saying “perfect on paper” exists, and it’s even truer in the world of online dating.

Miranda Green is a bona-fied beach bum and wannabe sommelier from the West Coast living and writing in Washington, ...

11 Tips For Finding Gems At Thrift Stores That Don’t Make You Look Bankrupt Or Unstable

1. Mentally prepare yourself… by browsing some fashion blogs. Sartorialist, Man Repeller…just something that isn’t depressingly bland. Discount shopping isn’t fun if you aren’t willing to be a little “fashion forward” as they say.

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