Why It’s So Important To Be Passionate

What separates us from those who are highly successful? What is it that they have that we don’t?

I currently reside in Perth, Western Australia, studying Anatomy & Physiology at the University of Western Australia. ...

5 Things Facebook Ruined For Us: By Drake, Probably

How many times have you been scrolling down your feed and come across a quote credited to your exes favorite Canadian export, Drake, (don’t even try mentioning Canadian bacon when pancetta exists.)

There was never a joke I told my mom that she didn't laugh at. Now you all have to suffer for her poor decisions. ...

Fake It Till You Make It: The Ultimate Advice For Any Intern

Because, however awful-turned-amazing this might be, this is the reality of life as a modern-day intern.

I'm Katie, a ukulele-playing, lilac-haired, lifestyle blogger from London who loves to rant about stuff. Make my ...

Why We Still Need Affirmative Action, And Why People Who Oppose It Are Full of Crap

The real reason AA is still needed is to address the historical and institutionalized inequalities in American society by allowing promising students that have been disadvantaged a chance to go to a top school where they will be challenged and given an opportunity to reach their full potential.

Brian is a law school grad, world traveler and blogger who is currently living in Seoul, South Korea working for a ...

26 Of The (Unintentionally) Funniest Stock Images

6. Hey! This one’s funny! Mostly because if you look away or close your eyes, you’ll still see it in your nightmares! HEHE!

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