33 Hiring Managers On The Most Inconsequential Reason They’ve Disregarded An Applicant

Stupid email addresses. Seriously people…

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19 Truths About Being Your Own Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

Leftovers? You better not throw that food away; not until it sprouts white hairy mold like Don King was its baby-daddy.

Zaron Burnett III is a freelance writer and journalist. He lives in Los Angeles and enjoys surfing, '60s soul ...

The 8 Best Underrated Feelings In Everyday Life

1. The gratifying sense of relief that washes over you after you finally find an important belonging you thought you’d misplaced — such as your keys, wallet, cell phone, or Epi-pen.

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Being A Victim Of Revenge Porn Forced Me To Change My Name

An hour later, I received a follow-up email. “It’s 8:15 where you are. You have until 8:37 to reply. Then I start the distribution.”

While attending graduate school, Dr. Holly Jacobs became a victim of revenge porn, a form of online harassment in ...

7 Reasons Phone Sex Is Better Than Real Sex

You don’t have to touch anyone. Physical contact is disgusting enough as it is, but sex pushes it to the extreme.

Brad Pike is a writer and performer in Chicago. His writing has been featured on The Sixth Wall, Thought Catalog, The ...
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