4 Reasons Neoconservatives Should Love Barack Obama

Since President Barack Obama took office after the historic 2008 election, conservatives have largely derided the Democrat as too liberal, even labeling him a socialist.

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10 Lies Depression Tells You

1. You are a bad person who deserves bad things. 2. You are unhappy because you are lazy or lacking in willpower. Happiness is a choice, a choice that you have failed to make.

A short list of things that I love: my son, the dude I am married to, books, summer dresses, shiny hair, banjo music, ...

How To Avoid Your Friends When They Are In Town

1. Always (ALWAYS) have plans in the back of your mind:

I Don’t Want To Fully Know You

Have you ever paused to ask yourself just how fucking boring someone would be to us if we “got” them?

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7 Embarrassing Things You Need To Learn How To Hide

There are certain relationships that are meant to dissolve into the time-space continuum behind you, and you should absolutely not feel bad about that.

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