36 Depressingly Unfortunate Signs That You’re An American

32. You use the terms “Indian,” “Muslim,” and “Arab” interchangeably.

10424_102662199749981_5383465_nMatt Saccaro has reached millions of readers with his articles on Salon, Thought Catalog, Medium, and BuzzFeed. He ...

What Your Perfume Says About You

Wake up, Dorothy. We’re not in junior high anymore.

Kara Nesvig is a Minneapolis-based writer & shopgirl with an affinity for red lipstick and country music. She grew up ...

The Lonely Woman’s Survival Guide

Why are women so ashamed or afraid of a little happiness? We’ve all been well aware of the habits of men since middle school, and yet most women refuse to even acknowledge their practice.

Give me a few classic rock albums and the mountains of Montana, I'll be happy forever. Living a life of feminism and ...

Stop Racing To The Top: A Missive Against The Rat Race

We brag about how little sleep we get. How much coffee we need just to function.

Lizz Schumer is a writer, reporter and editor living and working in Buffalo, N.Y. Her writing has appeared in a ...

I’m Very Glad I’m Not A Teenager Today

It sounds weird to say “back in my day…” when “my day” was less than a decade ago, but teenagers in 2005 and teenagers in 2013 are very different creatures.

My name is Joanna Jones. I'm a 20-something writer who's in love with Disney, iced chai lattes and Doctor Who.
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