Not All Wounds Are Visible

So the next time you flippantly describe someone’s behavior as “bipolar,” the next time you say you wish you could “catch” anorexia before bikini season, the next time you describe yourself as OCD because you like your DVD collection alphabetized, please stop and think a minute.

Donna Peterson is a 26-year-old writer, director, and actress from Silver Spring, Maryland, who received her B.A. in ...

The Hottest Guys On Social Media Are Guys Who Don’t Care About Social Media

If I had a definite type and I’m not sure that I do, I’d digitally brand him as, “Cool and quiet confidence…who doesn’t tweet much.”

New profile picKovie is writing, studying, teaching, and living in the Windy City. Tweet her anything at @koviebiakolo.

Mascara, Lipgloss, And Other Wastes Of Time

If you want people to listen to what’s coming out of your mouth, they can’t be distracted by the fact that you look like you haven’t slept in a week.

headshot8Chloe Angyal is a writer and commentator whose work has been published in The Guardian, The Atlantic, and The LA ...

More Realistic Compliments My Cat-Callers Should Give Me

Why don’t they ever say, “Hey girl! You’re lookin’ a little dead behind the eyes today! Having a rough week?”

Kara Nesvig is a Minneapolis-based writer & shopgirl with an affinity for red lipstick and country music. She grew up ...

Dear White Performers, Stop Trying To Be Anything Other Than White.

There is a difference between cultural appreciation and simplifying a culture to one’s convenience.

20-something feminist foodie francophile. Lover of elephants and all things sparkly. Twitter: @parkyhee. Blog.
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