20 Things Everyone Entering Their Early 20s Should Know

The novelty of the 21st birthday wears off quickly.

Home Is Where You Are

Finally the cab veered off at the Cesar Chavez exit. When I arrived home, all I could do was watch from a distance as the black cloud above Valencia Street expanded like a malignant tumor.

Mara Berg is a recent Boston University graduate. She has difficulty identifying her hometown, so she blindly ...

Our Webs Will Unravel

My childhood best friend and I had it all figured out at age 5.

Megan is a writer and proud Wisconsinite with a love of cheese, coffee, and terrible puns. Follow her on Twitter.

The 8 People Who Show Up For Every Political Facebook Fight

No matter what you post, you can always count on a few fringe elements to come in, guns blazing, and tell you exactly why what you’ve posted makes you the most horrible person ever.

Zawn Villines is an Atlanta-based writer. She likes counting things, Karl Popper, writing philosophical limericks, ...

Who Am I, Really: The Identity Crisis Of The Woman Veteran Returning Home

I just read Raul Felix’s article about the division of Generation Y (which is drawn, the author asserts, between those who are Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, and those who aren’t), and although I thought Felix made some extremely salient points,…

Emily Yates loves to write and always has. For six years, she was an Army “journalist” – notated as such because ...
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