A Revolution In My Pants

We’ve all had to try to sneakily adjust–or worse, sat there and pretended it wasn’t torture–because that’s what guys do. Does it really have to be that way?

Predicting 32 List Headlines From Thought Catalog And BuzzFeed In 2023

32. 9 Horrifying Signs the List May Have Run Its Course as a Legitimate Medium.

10424_102662199749981_5383465_nMatt Saccaro has reached millions of readers with his articles on Salon, Thought Catalog, Medium, and BuzzFeed. He ...

Kanye Just Stole The Confederate Flag! …Can He Do That?!

I know what you may be expecting, but I guarantee this isn’t another article written to say, in a clever but dismissive way, “You crazy for this one, Kanye!” Not at all.

Zaron Burnett III is a freelance writer and journalist. He lives in Los Angeles and enjoys surfing, '60s soul ...

8 Unforgivable Coffee Shop Pet Peeves

You’re already charging us $4 for a latte. You’re charging us for internet access too?? BLASPHEMY.

Why We’re Skipping Thanksgiving (And I’m Happy About It)

We’re not doing anything for Thanksgiving this year, and I feel pretty great about it. Truthfully I’m a serial Thanksgiving skipper. When I lived in London I celebrated with a soggy turkey sandwich.

Credit to  Michael TiesoStephanie Yoder is a girl who can't sit still! Since graduating college in 2007 she has either been traveling or ...
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