I Drew A Drawing Of ‘The Catcher In The Rye’

“If a body catch a body, coming through the rye.”

Oliver is a vague personage, of no fixed residence -- sort of a wandering poet-warrior who makes his own rules, if ...

19 Signs Your Mom Is Your Best Friend

1. You call her every day or multiple times a day just to tell her about little things going on in your life and to find out what’s going in hers. If you go a day or two without talking you feel like something is missing.

kotyKoty Neelis is a writer for Portable.tv, Matador Network, MasterCard, and more. She writes about all things travel ...

5 Shoestring Travel Tips For Exploring A New City

There’s a very big difference between being a tourist and being a traveler.

A structured procrastinator and an occasional humblebragger. Hates poetry, fruits, and flying cockroaches.

Why Have We Stopped Asking The Big Questions?

Unfortunately, rather than attacking these big questions with our immense resources, we have settled on dealing with small, banal issues — issues that don’t force us to our face our mortality, our cosmic insignificance, and the sorts of depressing realizations that come with exploring the big questions.

Cody Delistraty is a writer who lives in Paris and New York. Follow him on Twitter.

How To Get The Guy, Lose Weight, And Start Your Dream Job

Every single day I hear women (me included) constantly complaining or stressing about the following: boys, their body, food, texting boys, bitches.

Maddie is a jokester, hip hop savant, (huge) R Kelly fan, matzah ball lover, whiskey drinker, balancer of odd jobs, ...
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