8 Simple Yet Illuminating Rules To Live By From The World’s Greatest Deep Sea Diver

If an undertaking was easy, someone else already would have done it.

28 Things I Learned While Working For Lululemon Athletica

If you are a size 6, then you’ll be given free clothes to wear, termed “promotions”.

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19 Questions We Should All Ask More Often

What is home to you?

Sometimes the most brilliant words to use are none at all.

What Does A Flirt Look Like?

I looked over my shoulder and caught my reflection in the mirror. Was the freckled, petite goofball I saw staring back at me secretly a flirt? Had she been deceiving me this whole time? Was my lovable neurosis an act?

Ari is a screenwriter in the Los Angeles area. She enjoys all baby animals (except snails, snails at any age are ...

11 Reasons It’s So Difficult To Leave The House & Be Responsible And Stuff

4. The thought of putting pants on.

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