Zen And The Art Of Guitar Playing

Picking up a guitar is the best thing I’ve ever done and my most difficult experience bore my commitment to it. Because of it I’ve forgotten how to be despondent. I’ve learned to value myself and understand that my appraisal is the only important one.

Mike Nissenbaum is an unwilling professional and amateur musician in Washington, DC. Read his book "Shut Up, No One ...

A Gift-Less Christmas Story

I watched her face sink from happy to confused to upset to an expression I’d never seen before and will never be able to un-see. She cried her brother’s name into the phone and asked, “what happened?”

Kelly is just another PR pro living in Washington, D.C. She also moonlights as a yoga instructor. You can generally ...

What A Day In New York Would Be Like, If Life Was Like TV

You may dream of someday living in New York City. And who can blame you? Every other show on TV depicts some glittery skyline filled with slick executives and endless brunch.

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6 Cool Boats

Can you imagine if you had the money to buy this boat? What would you do with it?

karacrabbOne time I gargled my own urine to see if the ammonia would whiten my teeth (it didn't) but now I'm going back to ...

15 Signs You Grew Up In A Korean Family

I have successfully branded my childhood memories with Thought Catalog.

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