The 8 Worst Pieces Of Advice You’ll Ever Receive

As much as I appreciate someone telling me to keep my chin up when going through a hard time, I’m fairly certain I’d rather them let me punch dance out my rage in their backyard.

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Why I’ll Never Ask A Guy Out

At their biological core, men are ruled by sexuality. They identify potential mates using their eyes first, while women take a more complicated approach.

Malina Bickford is a writer in Los Angeles. She blogs at and tweets @WeepingGraduate

The Best TV Series On Netflix That You Haven’t Watched Yet

You probably thought I was going to recommend Orange Is The New Black but I’m not.

Dan Gheesling is a host and blogger based out of Detroit, MI. Currently Dan is a public speaker, blogger, and is ...

6 Things No One Tells You About Being A Short Girl

The middle seat is your domain.

Chelsea is a writer living in Tennessee.

Glare Ice: A Love Story

I’ve been in cars with them when they’re full of liquor, seesawing on their feet but steady on the road. Farm boys have a grasp on a steering wheel, they were born holding it.

Kara Nesvig is a Minneapolis-based writer & shopgirl with an affinity for red lipstick and country music. She grew up ...
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