College Students, Or Barbies?

My hallmate, Peter, came to my dorm room with great news. He had been invited to one of our favorite fraternities’ hotel party that Wednesday night.

Jennifer Shulkin is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania, studying Communication & Public Service and Sociology.

The Snow, The Frozen Rain, Why Not Us?

I was at a bar and it was so dimly lit. I wanted to laugh and tell you the menu must be terrible. They wanted it to be hidden, must be way we ere in the dark.


Embracing The Struggle, And The Importance Of Perspective

Each of us has the capacity to decide whether we want to view the struggle that inherently accompanies life as a task to be endured and completed, or a kind of opportunity to learn from, grow and experience.

Nathaniel is a violinist with the New World Symphony in Miami Beach, Florida. When not playing the violin, Nathaniel ...

The Art Of The Breakup Date

You see, Dad, a break-up date is self-explanatory. It’s s a date. Where you break up.

Gabby was writing consistently about sex and relationships throughout 2011 and 2012 in her personal blog and school ...

Living The Pun Life

I find it impossible to diagnose when I became so addicted to puns. In the seventh grade I bought a bracelet that said “peas on earth” with the image of legumes holding hands around a globe.

A 22-year old fifth year student, halfheartedly embracing all the demographical stereotypes (looking for a life plan, ...
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