How You Know You’re Not Ready For A Relationship

Many people jump into relationships thinking about the outcomes, not the work it will take to get there.

I am a psychology graduate student and mama to super dog, Louie. Research interests of mine are in the fields of I/O, ...

Sometimes Courage Means Being The Crazy Girl On A Train

Sometimes it takes courage to be silent and walk away. Sometimes it takes courage to speak up.

New profile picKovie is writing, studying, teaching, and living in the Windy City. Tweet her anything at @koviebiakolo.

40 People Give Their Golden Rule Of Life

Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now.

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The Wedding Day

Today’s the day her first love gets married.

I'm a twenty-something writer.

What Happened To All My Friends?

I have no friends. A statement thought by almost everyone after they graduate from college at least once… or, let’s be serious, at least once a week. In college, the world revolved around our social lives.

SamanthaMattSamantha Matt is a writer currently living in Boston. She runs Forever Twenty Somethings, an online magazine about ...
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