You Aren’t Too Busy To Be A Friend, You’re Just A Bad Friend

If you don’t have time to be a friend, say that. It’s better than pretending to be something you’re not.

The 6 And Only Tattooed Girls You’ll Ever Meet

As per a noticeable cultural shift, tattooed girls are now seen absolutely everywhere, and bold tattooing is no longer reserved for punkers, bikers, inmates, soldiers, sailors, carnies, or anyone of “fringe class” (credit: Frank Reynolds).

Meg Beyer dropped out of law school on two separate occasions and finds her true passion in lipstick, Jameson, and ...

Does This Arctic-Grade Parka Make Me Look Fat? A Southern Girl’s Guide To Winter

Okay Mom and Dad, I’m Transferring Home to Florida

Alex Weiner is an 18 (almost 19)-year-old who loves dogs, typography, the ukulele, taking pictures, good food, and ...

The Things You’ll Feel After Being Attacked On A Sunday Afternoon

I was attacked by a roommate here in Palestine a couple days ago. I’ve been struggling with feeling like I am “supposed to.” Writing is my way of dealing.

Heather Miller is an educational specialist passionate about education in post-conflict areas. Hates kale chips, ...

The Letter I Wrote To My Father Who Abandoned Me And The Letter He Wrote Back

I’ve wanted to write you this letter for as long as I can remember. Up until now I’ve always been too afraid of the answers. So, this is me, taking a risk and being brave. I need to know what happened.

I'm enjoying and suffering through my 20 somethings. Wisconsin girl born and raised. I'm a dog person and I enjoy ...
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