19 Signs You’re Addicted To Christmas

19. You genuinely feel offended when someone asks you, “Isn’t it a little early for Christmas?”

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This Is What Rape Culture Looks Like

We’re told rape is illegal and that bad people commit rape, but that isn’t enough to stop us. Our society breeds the idea that sexual assault is ok. Maybe not that it is ‘ok’, but that it is at least excusable. 1 out 4 women will be sexually assaulted before they graduate college, and only 3 out of 100 accused rapists will ever see jail time (out of the 40 out of 100 rape accounts that will ever even be reported to police).


There Is Never A Right Time For Anything

My grandfather’s mother was raped by her stepfather or uncle (no one can really be sure) when she was fourteen. They lived in rural Illinois, and, at fourteen years old she had her first baby, my grandfather’s brother Sonny.

Jennifer Pastiloff is a writer and retreat leader based in Los Angeles. She travels around the world leading her ...

Getting Dumped At 18 Vs. Getting Dumped At 28

It’s not as if you’re going to feel it less, just because you’ve been there before.

Arden Thira has never received a blowjob from a dinosaur.

An Ode To Mallomars

I wish you a thousand more years of presence and popularity on Earth, and I hope you never have a Hostess style financial breakdown so that we may continue to enjoy you for generations to come.

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