20 Crazy Things You Do For Your BFF Without Question

I haven’t been in a fist fight since I was 15, but if I needed to, I would crack some skulls for my best friend.

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“Tropico”—The Circle Of Lana Del Rey

I look forward to Lana Del Rey’s music videos more than I look forward to most things in my life—including holidays. Ironically, both are either American or religious-based.

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24 Rules For Being A Gentleman In 2014

Always text back promptly, even if it’s to let someone down gently. The worst thing you can possibly to do someone is leave them hanging so they can torture themselves with worst case scenarios.

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Why Men Need To Wake Up

Last week I sat in a room full of people listening to a woman recount her own story of sexual abuse at the hands of her brother, to later find out her sister was subject to the same sexual abuse…

Aleanbh is a 24-year-old Buddhist from New York/Co. Cork, Ireland with a BA in Philosophy & Religious Studies, East ...

10 Curious Culture-Bound Syndromes

A person suffering from Amok suddenly withdraws from family and friends, then bursts into a murderous rage, attacking the people or objects around him with whatever weapon is available.

An 18-year-old wondering through life
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