10 Things To Do When You’re Alone In Your Apartment That Will Make Life Better

Utilize the alone time and watch every sad movie on Netflix you can think of, because no one is around to see you cry.

Chelsea is a writer living in Tennessee.

I Hate That I Masturbate (But Here’s Why I Do It Anyway)

You look to your left. The tissue box is empty. You recall that the tissue box was also empty yesterday. It didn’t refill itself.

I had sex last year and I went to the gym last month and I have to pee right now and I love my mom.

15 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Yourself When Life Gets Crazy

Taking good care of yourself is challenging enough when you have adequate time, resources, and energy, but the thought of staying on top of things during stressful times like the Thanksgiving-New Year stretch can seem laughable.

A recent graduate of Whitman College, she now lives the dream in Seattle as a part-time barista and full-time lover ...

5 Steps To Being a Gentleman

I’m absolutely guilty of checking my phone on a date. It’s awful, it’s rude, it’s inconsiderate, it’s unnecessary.

Nick Bente is a writer, comedian, and grad student. Visit his website milehighthoughts.wordpress.com and follow him ...

21 Ways You Know You’re A Baby

Milk just comes to you. If you want it, you automatically express it and then magically, your muscles are moving in sweet and sour fat-fluid.

karacrabbOne time I gargled my own urine to see if the ammonia would whiten my teeth (it didn't) but now I'm going back to ...
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