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Someone New.

You came over in the late afternoon and did things like pull my body into yours by using your teeth as a lasso around my lower lip.

Please Do Not Love Me

I will remember every curve in your body. I will remember every line in your face. I will remember how your eyes beams with your lips. I will remember every scar and every bruise you acquired doing whatever it is you considered your “thing” back then. I will remember that intriguing flaw just beneath your arm. I will remember that fascinating mark on your rib cage.

This Is How I’ll Miss You On New Year’s

At 11:59 I begin to miss the Snapchats I used to receive from you. I begin to miss your little hands, and your brown hair. At 11:59 I suddenly remember what the perfume you used to put on smells like. I compare the scent of your perfume to the girl standing in front of me looking into my eyes because she wants me to be her new year’s kiss, and it doesn’t suffice.

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