How Winter Wakes Us Up

We will observe. We make note of the people we want to sit beside on New Year’s Eve, and we begin to know who we want to secure our warmth from, physically and emotionally.

I'm a twenty-something writer.

12 Insane Things That Happened On My Night Out With Bill Murray

He had this smug look like he was the most important guy in the room, which he probably was. No one was talking to him. I had to try.

Alex J. Mann is a writer, director and comedian living in New York City. You can follow him on Twitter here.

9 Ancient Torture Methods That Will Have You Jumping Out Of Your Skin

It could be so much worse.

Maybe One Day I Will Meet You

And maybe one day I’ll be reading a book at the Laundromat. Some movement will catch my eye and then I’ll see you taking your clothes out of the dryer.

3 Lines From A Course In Miracles That Deliver Amazing Results

The most shocking thing you’ll notice if you ever happen to open A Course In Miracles is the deceivingly pretentious introduction that never fails to spark intrigue.

Claudia Azula Altucher is a yoga author, practitioner, and teacher. She wrote the book 21 Things To Know Before ...
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