12 Female Authors Every Woman (and Man) Must Know

Esquire just posted a list called “12 Authors Every Man Must Know.” With entries like Stephen King and Philip Roth, it was the most phoned-in list I’ve read recently…

Kara Nesvig is a Minneapolis-based writer & shopgirl with an affinity for red lipstick and country music. She grew up ...

The Lost Art Of The Mix CD

I could feel the effort, I could feel the emotion, and it made me happy.


When You Fall In Love In The Summer

Love was fading out of our veins and poured onto different paths with different time zones and currencies.

Girl from Hong Kong, collector of words, and has an unhealthy obsession with Pop Tarts.

To Hell With The Baby Boomers And Their Fitness Rules

And then, when you are on the level of your children, you would see what they see. The ground level view isn’t that pretty.

Emily is an English major to the core and loves all things bookish. Writing and being outside is the lovliest ...

The Question Everyone Asks When You’re Biracial

Being biracial is not a joke. It is being a human being.

A twenty something living and learning in san francisco. certified cat lady, cupcake eater and marathon runner ...
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