A Short Conversation On Open Relationships, Closed Love, And Sink Sex

You guys might not know this, but I am the host of an amazing podcast series called “My Totally Real Podcast That Is Real.” Every episode features amazing guests, twists, turns, and anything else you would expect from a podcast…

Laura Jayne Martin is a writer living in New York City. Her work has been featured on McSweeney's Internet Tendency, ...

I Told My Crush I Wanted Her, And This Is What Happened

“EPIC FAIL”…that’s what the Facebook message read that I had scattered across my iPhone after revealing my two year crush on this girl that has consumed my mind since the first day we met.


15 Minutes Of Fame Are Real

There’s a girl on the treadmill in front of me. Blonde hair, fair skin, fit—but thick where it counts.

972111_10151703946736908_780983000_n-5Jayme K. is the author of the novel Disorderly and the poetry collection David Bowie is Dead. He lives in Boston with ...

If You Were A Sentence Written In The English Language

You would have infinitives that you truly hold close to your heart and a couple of onomatopoeic mixtures of syllables that give music to your life. You would often be misunderstood, but you’d never be boring.

Kenn Tenorio is a struggling artist in Vancouver, BC. He currently works as a sleep enthusiast inside his apartment ...

23 Weird Things About You That Only Your Friends From Home Know

How terrible you used to be at holding your liquor, and the ridiculous combination of drinks you used to deem acceptable, such as Rikaloff and Hawaiian Punch served in a Nalgene.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 11.08.32 AMChelsea Fagan is a writer living in New York City. Want your articles on Thought Catalog? Send it here as a word ...
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