6 Reasons Why We Keep Falling For That Stupid Hollywood Love Crap

Movies exaggerate love. Every movie is meant to give us an example of how love and relationships are supposed to be.

A Food technology student who secretly hates her major, a wedding enthusiast, and also a bored hopeless romantic ...

Recapping ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Week 9

I’m convinced that Angela Bassett is a witch for being able to look that good at the age of 55.

_MG_0131-EditShawn Binder is a writer for Thought Catalog. His e-book all about the shocking times he's made a fool out of himself ...

How To Be A Woman

Experiment so you know exactly what you want, but keep your number low.

I'm a Midwest writer and comedian with absolutely nothing remarkable to note.

3 Timeless Movie Dance Scenes That You Must Try

Go break a leg!

Hi there, I’m Madonna, a zombie by day and project manager by night. A comedian only by heart because it doesn't pay ...

Here’s Your Photo Of James Franco, Dressed As Batman, Coated In Jizz

…Why? Because JAMES FRANCO, that’s why.

Oliver is a vague personage, of no fixed residence -- sort of a wandering poet-warrior who makes his own rules, if ...
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