Your Vagina Isn’t The Problem, Society Is

Being a female, I can begin to understand the view that there is and isn’t sexual dysfunction in an adolescent female’s sexual life.

I have a big mouth but a quiet voice.

5 Things That Attractive People Should Understand About Their Unattractive Counterparts

Now I know I’m going to get a lot of shut for this but there this has been something I’ve been fond of for about all of my life.

Unique Crawford or what he is popularly know as Leo Layne is a freelance musician, living in the city of New ...

Heartbreakers Hurt Too

You break it to them as softly as can. They immediately beg you to stay.

B&W RicoThe name's Dallas and he's from Dallas. No, that's not a joke. His superpowers include running marathons, boxing, ...

The 8 Worst Pieces Of Advice You’ll Ever Receive

As much as I appreciate someone telling me to keep my chin up when going through a hard time, I’m fairly certain I’d rather them let me punch dance out my rage in their backyard.

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Why I’ll Never Ask A Guy Out

At their biological core, men are ruled by sexuality. They identify potential mates using their eyes first, while women take a more complicated approach.

Malina Bickford is a writer in Los Angeles. She blogs at and tweets @WeepingGraduate
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