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Portrait of A Sex Addict As A Young Man

Next is a message from white4latinoass that, admittedly, isn’t that creative a screen name and I’m not that into racial stereotyping so I’m already put off. Read his profile. Dude’s into crystal meth and that kind of freaks me out so I don’t say anything back. Bro gets exed out.

Beavis And Butthead Are Coming Back

Yesterday MTV announced that this summer they will be bringing back Beavis And Butthead, the 1990s series that a lot of people’s parents wouldn’t let them watch. Justin Beiber, who I think was born after the series ended, tweeted “”Beavis and Butt-head are coming back!!!” Here’s an old episode to get reacquainted.

When Faith in Graffiti Reigned

Take one look at the man depicted in Twist’s “Corporate Pigs” piece and you see not only the power of graffiti, but also the potential. The notion that a random message left by an anonymous source can inspire or anger a public audience. It’s what I saw as a teenager, the idea that you could be a fuck-up or an introvert or a total asshole and still say what’s on your mind.