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Best Coast, Wavves and No Joy Show Brings Summer Vibes and a Surplus of Lesbians to Brooklyn

While waiting for Best Coast to take the stage, a dark cloud moved into my horizon when I realized I was stuck next to the token annoying drunk guy at the concert. He was wearing a fedora, splashing his beer and yelling at everyone to “get active”, promising that shit was going to get real crazy during Best Coast’s set. Everyone around him, including me, started to stiffen up a bit because, hi, had this guy ever listened to Best Coast before?

Why Virtual Reality Is Probably Not Ever Actually Going To Happen

This is also why ‘mobile social games’ and things like that don’t work. Things like FourSquare that are designed to make people ‘be more social’ are inefficient – you could ‘check in’ someplace and then check your Twitter to see who else has checked in there and wait for your friends to reply via social networking. Or you could just, like. Text them.

Review of Big Sausage Pizza

Big Sausage Pizza is a porn franchise featuring male delivery men who ostensibly deliver pizzas with centers cut out, through which their cocks manifest for unsuspecting patrons, who once shocked, are eventually seduced by such evocative measures.