April 6, 2011

The Worst Star Wars Quotes to Shout Out During Sex

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1) “…I am your father!”

2) “You came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought!”

3) “We’re starting for the target shaft now!”

4) “Into the garbage chute, flyboy!”

5) “No reward is worth this!”

6) “Ungh! And I thought they smelled bad on the outside!”

7) “Put that thing away, you’re gonna get us all killed!”


9) “Laugh it up, fuzzball!”

10) “It’s no good! I can’t maneuver!”


12) “Now, his failure is complete.”

13) “Get in there, you big furry oaf!”

14) “Would it help if I got out and pushed?!”

15) “Yesss… Your sister!”

16) “You have controlled your fear! Now, unleash your anger!”

17) “I have a bad feeling about this!”

18) “Size matters not! Look at me!”

19) “Stay on target!”

20) “What a piece of junk!”


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