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Nikita Mor

I am a filmmaker, artist and marine photographer obsessed with creating meaningful stories on land and underwater.

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They’re very good at judging others and pulling them down, but almost incapable of seeing faults in themselves. They’re in denial of their own weaknesses, and are not willing to admit that they’re human and less than perfect just like everyone else.

The inflow of cash in a non-fulfilling job feels good with the first few shiny new paychecks, but then the human part of us begins to wonder whether we are turning into machines. It begins to seek deeper meaning, an emotional and spiritual connection that materialism alone isn’t able to satisfy.

Don’t look for a man who puts you on a pedestal, and loves only the pretty parts. Look for a man who loves your authenticity, your rawness and realness.

Nice girls are the perfect prey for narcissistic people, both in relationships and workplaces. Narcissists often gaslight and push the blame for their own actions onto women they view as weak.

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