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July 10, 2012

60 Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Scientologists

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1. Jenna Elfman

Featureflash /

How you know her: Elfman played Greg’s wacky, new-age wife on Dharma and Greg. She’s like the Sweetheart of Scientology, which is a thing, I guess.

2. Leah Remini

s_bukley /

Remini is also known as the woman who was way too hot to be with Kevin James on The King of Queens. Leah Remini reportedly sends her fans Scientology pamphlets in response to fan mail. She also gives the worst party favors ever.

3. Greta Van Susteren

Rena Schild /

Susteren is a “personality” on Fox News who I’m told is a totally different person than Ann Coulter.

4. Elizabeth Moss

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Moss plays Peggy on Mad Men and allegedly ruined Fred Armisen’s life with Scientology, which will eventually make for a great skit on Portlandia.

5.This list of celebrity Scientologists previously included Linda Blair based on information from other sources. Ms. Blair has notified us that she is not, nor has she ever been, a Scientologist. Apologies for the error.