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Ned Hepburn is a writer, traveler, and bon vivant currently residing in New York City. He has written and worked ...

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O wasn’t sure what to search for next, because O didn’t know who or what he was.

I remember one time she came over and I had cleaned my room, lit a candle, and put on a particularly cheesy album to play to soundtrack my romance that night. And she laughed at it.

Sometimes you orchestrate your will over others and take control of an entire country. And I mean, who HASN’T done that, am I right?

You wonder about that NYU freshman kid in the purple sweatshirt and what his story is and whether, to be honest, he’d be more interesting than Bret Easton Ellis because Bret Easton Ellis has kind of just, well, given up, it seemed, which was a horrible thing to think about a guy that was sitting right in front of you…

It had been during that 11-hour car ride, Pooh thought to himself as he spied the river off in the distance, when he realized he had to kill Piglet.

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