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a poet. spend sleepless nights and relentless daydreams spilling my neurosis out on paper. love red wine and rain a ...

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An introvert will always understand the importance of space and alone time because they are so self-sufficient. The introvert needs time alone to unwind, to recharge, to clear their minds and when you need the same they will understand and respect your wishes and never take offense.

I’ve handed out pieces of myself like party favors to those who did not deserve a taste. I have loved before, and I have loved hard, and all I ever got were scars. So please be patient with me if I flinch when you touch me with more than hands, like ice coming into contact with them.

I suppose my love for you started to seep out from my pores, slowly, each time you broke me a little more, each time you hurt me a little more, each time I got closer and closer to numbness, because our love always felt more like pain than love, more tragic than beautiful.

We fall back into old habits – bad habits – with way too much ease. We’re thirsty, high and drunk on the act, we’ve got chatty mouths, hungry hands, and a fake light in our eyes. We begin to tear ourselves apart, yet again, in different ways on our search for wholeness.

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