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A healer by day and a writer by night, Monica McDowell is a certified Karuna® Usui Reiki Master who has spent countless hours meditating on the virtues of chai lattes and chocolate.

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One of the reasons we are so disconnected from our bodies is that our society, having gone the “matter is all that matters” route and therefore spirit doesn’t exist/matter, has ironically, disregarded matter as non-spiritual and non-sacred because matter by definition cannot have spirit, consciousness, energy.

We are all healing back into our original wholeness by reintegrating all of our forgotten parts. The more inner integration work that is done, the more choices can be made consciously through thoughts and feelings of love and security rather than subconsciously through thoughts and feelings of lack, limitations and fear.

If something is causing you emotional pain, it’s quite possibly because you believe something that isn’t true with a capital T. Another way of saying it is, you’ve attached your identity to a temporary truth or a false belief. Truth with a capital T is eternal, infinite and whole. No pain is there. At all.