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Aspiring television comedy writer heavily relying on mom and dad.

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There are literally thousands of dirtballs on the site who post what they deem practical jokes, although I’m yet to see any actual pranks from these people.

Why just throw away a perfectly good dead rat? I thought to myself. This steaming carcass, with its bursting inners and fractured skull, could and should be used for comedy greatness. Immediately the master plan hit me.

Why are we continually thrown derivative, relatable garbage that’s supposed to make us say, “So true!”

First off, what does the ghost do after he or she finishes sexing a horrified person? Light up a cig, chill for a second, and then get back to ghost activities? Perhaps deeply think their way into regret?

All I need is a banana and some pre-workout supplement to really set the pump off.

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