November 10, 2013

23 Weird But Understandable Questions You Ask in Your Twenties

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Sam Howzit
Sam Howzit

A twentysomething asks themselves many questions. Most of these are of the “what am I going to do with my life” variety. But there are many other, stranger, smaller, yet still important questions that we all ask ourselves in our twenties. Here’s a sampling of them.

1. Am I supposed to endorse back on LinkedIn?

2. Do I still have to give a wedding gift if the bride and groom know I’m broke?

3. Should I start a Tumblr?

4. Should I start a Twitter?

5. Should I start a Pinterest?

6. Is there something wrong with me if I don’t “get” BuzzFeed?

7. Is it sad that, as a twentysomething, I’d be as excited about a new fast food restaurant opening as I was when I was a kid?

8. Should I feel guilty if I landed a decent job when so many members of my generation haven’t?

9. Am I a hater if I dislike Game of Thrones, Community, Breaking Bad, and every other popular show or are there legit reasons to not like them?

10. Am I less of a person if I eat and enjoy fast food?

11. Am I less of a person if I’m not physically fit?

12. Is it bad that I resent people my age who have it “together”?

13. Am I supposed to wear perfume/cologne on a job interview or is that something you only do on a date?

14. Am I too old for clever graphic tees?

15. Should I buy cargo shorts with smaller pockets as I get older?

16. Will jorts ever be popular?

17. Is it OK that I don’t pay super-close attention to social justice issues?

18. How do I teach myself about doing taxes?

19. Do I have to tip those guys who give out towels and mints in fancy restaurant and catering hall bathrooms?

20. Is it wrong that I like not being a struggling creative type (and therefore like being a “sellout”)?

21. Do I have to tip the girl who washes my hair if I’m at a really low-end salon?

22. Am I supposed to feel guilty for liking Disney movies (since they’re sexist, racist, etc.)?

23. Is it bad that the last dozen or so dates I’ve went on were from online dating? TC Mark


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