October 14, 2016

17 Men And Women Share The Awkwardly Sweet Stories Of When They Finally Got Their First Kiss

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via Unsplash - Greg Rakozy
via Unsplash – Greg Rakozy

1. “I was so in love I almost died of a heart attack when my lips kissed theirs.”


2. “Third date with a girl I really liked. 2nd date was on Sunday; on Monday at work, I read about a meteor shower happening Thursday night. Texted the girl and asked if she wanted to go, she was in!

Thursday night, I pick her up around 9:00, and drive us out to the lake. I lay out a sleeping bag and an extra comforter I brought (it was mid-late October, so it was a bit chilly). We laid down and watched the stars, and chatted, and eventually we weren’t watching the sky anymore because we were staring at each other, slowly drifting closer. Eventually she closed the distance and kissed me.

Easily one of the best nights of my life. Also, I was 21 at the time; she thought it was really sweet that I was her first kiss (probably also why she had to make the first move, I was pretty nervous haha).”


3. “First kiss ever, unexpected, slobbery, biting, unwilling, and bad. First kiss with current SO, also weird, but sweet and cute.”


4. “I was sitting next to a girl in our computer class while we watched a movie of some sort. We had been friends, but I never thought of her sexually before. Were just sitting there kinda goofing off, pinching each other and stuff when I whispered a joke in her ear. That’s when our noses somehow touched and we did that thing where it looks like two people have magnets in their faces. How magnets kinda push and pull at each other at the same time and we couldn’t help but kiss. It didn’t last very long, maybe 2 or 3 seconds, but I felt like I was on drugs immediately.

We spent the rest of class just looking at each other, blushing, smiling, wanting to do it again. We started dating immediately. The first date went from kissing to butt naked in parents living room.

Alas, she got back with her ex a few days later. Those few days were a passionate affair if there ever was one, but the spark faded as quickly as it began.”


5. “I was 14 and had a crush on this boy for months. He came over and we were watching Mad TV and he kisses me. I was elated. We made out a few times, and then he went home. Later that night he tells me “I shouldn’t have done that”. He asked my best friend out a few days later. And thus began a long string of awful relationships.”


6. “I was 15 and this boy and I liked each other, but we’d been beating around the bush for a few weeks. Just kind of giggling and dropping hints while all our friends egged us on.

There was a nerdy after school club that we were both part of that was held once a week in the library, and as soon as I arrived, he pulled me aside to ask if we could “talk.” We went away from our friend group and sat in between some of the bookshelves in the fiction section (I remember that very specifically). I was completely dense and had no idea what he could possibly want to talk about. He tried dropping hints and I wasn’t picking them up, so he finally asked me out and I said yes.

Then he went in for a kiss, but instead of leaning in all romantically, he sort of just lunged at me with his face. I’m very jumpy and his sudden movement scared me. So I bit him. On the face. Hard. Then I felt terrible, so I leaned in, kissed him really fast, then got up and ran away.”


7. “Both of us had our lips completely closed and just held it for like 5 seconds. We both laughed afterwards. It was as innocent and awkward as you can imagine.”


8. “Oh god his dad was in the front seat of the car driving us and this kid just stuck his whole damn tongue in my mouth hoooork.”


9. “My now girlfriend and I were not dating, but were watching TV shows slightly drunk on my bed, when she starts tickling me. I tickle back and we play-wrestle. Our faces lean in closer – she then kisses me and we engage in full out tongue and face eating for 20 minutes. She then tells me I’m her boyfriend and have no say in the matter.”


10. “Intense. This was the girl I’d had a crush on for a couple years. We had just confessed our feelings over text while she was out of town, and when she got back she came up to my room. She sat down on my bed, and I went over to her and we kept scooting closer and closer to each other. She ended up with her head in my lap looking right up into my eyes like we both couldn’t believe this was happening. (I don’t think a single word had been spoken from the moment I opened the door, but I did have some mellow indie music on.) I went down and kissed her forehead then her nose then finally her lips. Honestly surprised I didn’t OD from the rush of dopamine released in that moment.”


11. “Moved during high school. I refused to make friends and was a loner until I got to college. I decided to turn shit around then. I went zero to sixty. First college party, some girl threw me on the couch, whipped out her tits and told me to suck on her nipples. After a minute or so of that, we made out for like an hour.”


12. “Oh wow, my first kiss was with my best friend from next door. We were fourteen. I told him I had a date with a girl from our class. I didn’t want to appear inexperienced so I wondered how I could practice the kiss beforehand. He just leaned forward and planted a wet one on my face. With open mouth. And tongue. Not bad actually. I was so shocked I drooled all over him.”


13. “Kissed the pastor’s son in the unfinished new addition to our church after youth group. It was actually not a bad kiss, despite the fact I didn’t know what I was doing.

In hindsight, he was a senior and I was a freshman, so I guess it was a little weird. Also, he had a bit of a humpback and my friends all made fun of me for it after I told them, but the experience itself was surprisingly positive overall.”


14. “Before kiss: I’m pretty confident with my sexuality :D

After kiss: oh ok nevermind”


15. “I don’t know because I was black out drunk when the first kiss happened! But I ‘remember’ some of the kissing from the same night after that and I was too busy just screaming FIRST KISS FIRST KISS in my head to register what it felt like.”


16. “Kind of a weird thing, but mine literally happened five minutes before I lost my virginity, so you could say my first kiss was a little…. intense.”


17. “We were listening to “liebe ist fur alle da” cd by Rammstein, laying in bed at my place. Dark cozy room, she was on top of me and we were just talking and having fun. Then she asked me if we want to kiss, then we kissed. I still like R+ to this day.”


18. “In kindergarten my friend told me his dad was in the Gulf War and I told him that I was glad his dad was okay. Then we kissed and my teacher had to call my parents.”


19. “Kissing gf after school when a rubber band in my braces snapped. Since we both had braces it felt like some serious metal broke.”


20. “She hugged me and then stared at me, giving me a tap on the back. I knew from her expression that she wanted me to kiss her. This was our 2nd date, and she was the only girl I had ever dated. I said ‘Umm. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?’ She replies “If I am, I’m gonna need to take my glasses off.’

I missed. I fucking missed. Went for a couple more kisses and it was all good. I was slightly shaking from nerves and it turns out some friends had seen (she was leaving a party we went to) and were cheering me on.”


21. “I got a slight concussion. He tried to surprise by coming behind and grabbing my hand, spinning me around and dipping me. Too bad there was a bookcase behind me that I hit my head on on the way down, and again when he freaked out that I hit my head and yanked me back up. This is the same guy who cheated on me, got the girl pregnant, and then asked/told me I should pay child support because I didn’t put out (I was 15) and that’s why he had to go out and cheat on me.”


22. “Very aggressive. Definitely a ‘Well, that escalated quickly’ kind of moment. Slightly NSFW. She was a little older than me, a freshman in college, and I was a senior in high school. She was beautiful too, a well-endowed black girl with a fit and athletic body, she drove me nuts (I’m the whitest kind of person). I rode my bike down to the school during one of her breaks, and we met in an empty part of the parking lot. We’d been talking a lot during that time, and we knew we liked each other, and things were about to reach a breaking point. Something was going to happen.

I met her there, sitting on the sidewalk. We started chatting, but it didn’t last long. We were tongue kissing almost immediately, and we were making out right there in broad daylight. I could taste the Starbucks she’d been drinking, and funnily enough this was a great way to drink Starbucks, I did not dislike it. After a bit of kissing, she whipped out her breast and my mouth went right for it (remember we’re technically in public, but nobody is around to see us). A moment of that went by, and out came my penis. It was all happening so fast, I didn’t even have time to think. Her head went down, and, well, that happened. But she had to go eventually, her class was starting. She complimented me on the size of my penis, and I gave her another big wet kiss as she walked away, barely unable to let her go.

So yeah, that was my first kiss.”


23. “It was pretty alright. I was sitting in the dark next to this girl and I spent probably an actual 5 minutes or so in silence, thinking to myself repeatedly ‘You know she wants you to kiss her. You literally just have to turn your head and do it. Just turn your head and do it.’

Then I turned my head and did it and it was pretty nice. I remember realizing afterward that I really had no idea at all what it was going to feel like. What kissing was actually like was a complete surprise.”


24. “Beautiful. I was 14 and in Ireland and the girl thought I was amazing because I had an ‘accent’. Canadian here and I tell you I don’ hear an accent but nonetheless, she was a beautiful Irish lass!”


25. “It had all the trappings of a cheesy 80s movie.

I was 14 at a dance party one of my friends threw in his basement. I don’t remember whose idea it was, but someone suggested that we play spin the bottle. When my turn came around the bottle ended up pointing to a girl from my class named Melissa. She was pretty and I kind of liked her, though then again I kind of liked every pretty girl in my class. She turned beat red but she was a good sport and we leaned in and pecked each other on the lips. Every one made fun of us for not kissing properly so bowing to peer pressure we leaned in again and pressed lips together for a second or two.

And that was it. Nothing spectacular but it was nice even if it was tame.”


26. “We were at the library, and they were just pecks. But many many many little pecks.”


27. “He didn’t kiss me back because he didn’t know how. We’re going on ten months together and kissing him is my favorite thing.”

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